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    Unanswered: reset priviliges


    I am now a bit more experienced on GRANTing and REVOKEing priviliges. I am using the grant wizard in PgAdmin III. But where is a table showing what privilige is assigned to what. And on the other hand there is a great need to a REVOKE wizard also.

    My main problem now is I REVOKEd all priviliges FROM the SCHEMA public. All the things have been confused. I delete and recreate databases but nothing changes.

    How can I reset these rules/priviliges to what is at the start?


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    I'm not sure that revoking all privileges from public is a good idea, since public is a standard schema. Regarding display of privileges, I find the Grant Manager in PG Lightning Admin to be particularly nice. This administrator UI is available for a small fee from AM Software.

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