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    Unanswered: Access from internet

    hello how can I work a access database on my home computer from computer at work at access

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    if your security trolls let you then you could deposit your files on a pubnlically visible servrer, or over a VPN connection, of the 2 the latter is the ONLY alternative I'd want to permit.

    I am not at all keen on people have remote access to data unless there is a very very good reason, and even worse I will not let people have access to development capability off official premises. We have let a few select & responsible developers work from home but that was under very special circumstances (Shamus O'Subcontractor dug up the road taking out some (well the main power supply to 20K+ houses) power supplies, and followed up that with a encore of taking out the main telecom cables the following day).

    The other alternative is to use a USB pen/stick drive and take the model in between home and work on that.
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    Speaking as a part-time security troll (changeling perhaps), work data on home pc = big security risk. Watch out for the big dog with three heads at the gate if you're sneaking thumb/pen drives in and out of the building.

    If the data is at work and you want to work from home, they can set you up on some sort of terminal services or remote control application so you dial in or VPN tunnel in to a workstation or server located on their network. The data stays on the host machine and never leaves their control and you get to work from home.

    For real telecommuters, most companies will also provide the laptop for use at home, so that they can control the security aspects of the viewing machine as well.

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