Crystal 8.5

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a list of supported options in VB for launching the Crystal viewer.

Specifically I'm looking at the ability to Drill Down, which I believe may be turned off in the way we currently do it, but I'm also interested in poviding the users the ability to sort in the viewer and any other options which may prove useful.

I have little or no idea about VB.
I'm looking at some code that does stuff like:

  With crReport.ExportOptions
    .DestinationType = crEDTDiskFile
    .DiskFileName = mstrEmailFileName & "_" & vstrReportName & "_" & gvEmperID & ".xls"
    .FormatType = crEFTExcel50
    'These options didn't work well enough.
    '.FormatType = crEFTWordForWindows
    '.FormatType = crEFTRichText - fails
    '.FormatType = crEFTTabSeparatedText
    '.FormatType = crEFTCrystalReport
    '.FormatType = crEFTPaginatedText
    '.FormatType = crEFTExcel50Tabular
    '.FormatType = crEFTHTML32Standard
  End With
and thinking I can add in stuff here? OR perhaps I need to keep looking?