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    Exclamation Unanswered: Sybase Client Help (V6 Problem)

    We had an NT server crash and our recovery efforts were unsuccessful (That is a whole other topic ). We rebuilt the server and reloaded Vignette 6 on the box. All of the Vignette data is in a Sybase DB so it is not lost. The Sybase 12.5 client was loaded but will not connect to the DB. I am being told that only the older 12 client will work with V6. I can not find the client CD's or a place to download this old version. Can anyone tell me where to get it from?

    Thank you in advance for any help. If I get this fixed soon I can go to bed .

    - Bill

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    V6 works both with Sybase 12 and 12.5. Your problem may be different.

    Where do get the error? and importantly what is the error message? Can you connect to the SYbase instance just from the existing client libraries?

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    Here are some of the baisc tests that were done with Vignette. We eventually found the v12 drivers and it works fine now. Is there any specific config needed for 12.5? x'd out un-needed info..

    04/27/2006 20:52:28:702 E : Sybase database client libraries aren't installed.
    04/27/2006 20:52:28:702 E : <CFG_ERROR MSG="Sybase database client libraries
    aren't installed."/>

    D:\Vignette\6.0\bin\winnt>dbconnect -d -S sql0xx -D rilxxx -U catxxx -P

    Unable to connect to sql0xx as catxxx
    [DBNOTFOUND] No access library for ''

    D:\Vignette\6.0\bin\winnt>dbconnect -d -S sql0xx -D rilxxx -U catxxx -L
    mdscdmt.dll -o access
    Unable to connect to sql0xx as catxxx
    [VENDORLIB] Vendor Library Error: ct_connect(): network packet layer: internal n
    et library error: Net-Lib protocol driver call to connect two endpoints failed

    This is the response from Vignette
    I think the problem here is the database versions. Please make sure (check
    with your dba, etc.) that you are using 12.0 across the board. If you are
    indeed using 12.5 for the Server, you must make sure you are using the 12.0
    client. Per our documentation:

    Sybase - version 12.5 (Server version 12.5 is only supported when using the
    12.0 client)

    This tells me the 12.5 client is not supported (regardless of what the Server
    version is). Please use the 12.0 client. Please let me know if you have any

    Thanks for your help

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