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    Post Unanswered: Baseline security for DB2

    Hello, I am new to DB2 and like to know if anyone have come over a howto for basic security (or another format of writing) when implementing DB2 databases. Of course it is vital the underlying operating system has been secured first. The steps for securing the database can be rigorous but beginning with separating data and binary installation, selecting a separate user for database use, stripping down rights for users, roles (public) and mooore.
    I would be intrested in links or references to sources discussing different levels of steps when securing the database installation. Advanced settings on user rights for tables and queries might be overkill for me right now.


    Johan Hedin / Information security consultant

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    It sounds to me like you've got a good basic understanding of the security process. DB2 runs on many platforms, and the process of securing the database is different on each of them... In other words, Z/OS is quite different from Windows or Linux.

    I'm going to move this thread to the DB2 forum. I think it will get much better answers there than it will here in the Chit Chat forum!


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    Post Z/os

    Thank you for this.
    Regarding your statement on taking different actions depending on underlying OS, I agree. Any information on differences in them is of course interesting. BR Johan Hedin

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