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    Question Unanswered: Commandbar, different selections to open one form???

    Hello all!

    I would like to use a specific form in different ways, based on a selection made from my commandbar.

    Now, how do I tell my visual basic in this form, which selection is made in the commandbar?

    Normaly, using other forms to open a specific form, i use the 'openargs' property which is working fine.

    I noticed the 'TAG' parameter in the property of the single commandbar selections, can i use this value when opening the form? and if so, how do i read this value in my form when opened?

    Many thanks!!!


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    I can think of a dozen ways to do similar things to what I think you are asking ..... which is the problem. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking.

    There's going to be an action event associated with your command bar when a particular button is pressed. Making changes to your form could happen there.

    OpenArgs is just a text value. The Tag property is a text value. You can set a hidden control on the form to hold a text value. I generally use control's tag properties to simulate "control arrays" and use a For Each ctl ... Next loop to get them all.

    have fun,

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