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    Unanswered: exec sql

    I need help understanding the syntax of the "exec sql" statement.

    i am looking at code that build an sql string such as

    sql="exec SOMETHING Session("id")"

    or something like that.

    then, there is


    My question is the "SOMETHING" in the sql what? I know it is user defined (object or variable or such), but what exactly is it? i look through the rest of the code and don;'t see SOMETHING defined elsewhere.

    i am not sure if i am asking the question right. i don't understand what the SOMETHING is doing, or why it is there.

    in particular, the code i am examining is

    sql="exec SurveyDelete "&"'" & Session("StudentID") & " ' "

    i understand the this statement will delete a record, but how does it handle "SurveyDelete", how does it know what the is when it is not defined anywhere else in the code?

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    I would wager that SurveyDelete is the name of a stored procedure in the database. Have a look there.

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    i bet your right. thanks.

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