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    Exclamation Unanswered: No directory specified for PDOXUSERS.NET

    I am a total novice with Paradox. I am trying to move an old Paradox 4.0 program from a Novell server to a Win XP peer-to-peer network.

    I have simply copied the pdox40 directory (that contains the Paradox program) that was on the Novell server to my WinXP "server". I can run Paradox locally on that machine, but it is in single user mode.

    When I try to launch Paradox from the server on another workstation, I get the error "Can't start Paradox; no directory specified for PDOXUSERS.NET."

    I am desperate and hoping someone out there has a very simple solution! Remember - I know nothing about Paradox!

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    I guess the directory is not specified in PARADOX.CFG.
    I remember editing this file in a HEX editor so that Paradox reads the correct NET directory.

    If you specify the net directory where Paradox starts up and the directory on your C: drive where to put the local conf file I can send you the CFG file. We can give it a try!

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    Thanks so much for your response!

    I managed to fix my problem myself somehow - I used NUPDATE.EXE to change the network type from Novell to Other and then had to change the permissions in XP for the shared drive and that fixed it!

    Thanks again.

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