Just a little warning to those of you out there who do website development work and domain registrations, regarding GoDaddy and specifically backordering domains.

About a month ago I paid to backorder a domain with the domain registrar I have used GoDaddy for years for regular domain registering and never had any issue, I have in fact recommended them many times for registrations. I have heard, however, that their hosting and mail services are some of the worst - especailly when it comes to I see why. For years I have heard horror stories about all of their services, except perhaps for their domain registering. Now I have to say that that too is garbage.

I purchased my backorder while the domain was in "Pending Delete" and even though GoDaddy "does not guarantee" that they will get the domain for you, I figured I had a better shot than if I didn't backorder. I WAS WRONG. I had been receiving notices from GoDaddy whenever the domain status changed, and the day the domain became available I received an email saying someone else had registered it. It turned out to be an automated domain registrar from Venezuela.

Oh well, I said. I guess I paid $20 for nothing.

Little did I know how true this was...for a couple of days later I received another GoDaddy email stating that the domains' status had changed once again. It seems that the registrar had cancelled or released their request for the domain, but even so I could not tell this from GoDaddy's "whois" lookup on their site. It gave me some weird error. I decided to call them, and, even though they were courteous (at first) they had no real explanation except to say that the domain "looks to be registered by someone, sorry". now I am beginning to doubt. So I go to another registrar online...a very reputable one. And lo and behold the domain came up on their whois as available. In less than 5 minutes I had a site up and running. UNBELIEVABLE!

I have since contacted GoDaddy twice stating how unhappy I am and if they want to keep me as a customer they should give me my $20 back. I have basically been told "Sorry to see your business go...buh-bye!". It amazes me that in such a competitive industry that they could care less about a customer!!!

GoDaddy is a cheap registrar and I see why. From now on though I'll pay a little more to work with someone I can trust...

So, who knows of a decent registrar? I need to transfer about 10 domains...