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    Unanswered: puzzling query question

    Hello all.
    I'm trying to create a package that will search for duplicate records.
    first, i'm planning on creating a temporary table that will be populated by a query that searches for all entries with similar soundex values. the problem is this...
    the table gets populated this way...

    Identifier 1 | Identifier 2
    123 | 456
    456 | 123

    both identifiers appear twice because they are duplicates of each other.
    how do i make one of them disappear?

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    >how do i make one of them disappear?
    WHERE ID1 > ID2
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    Check out the following code. Please be careful, I have not tested it, but it should work.

    delete from my_table v
    where v.rowid in
    (select rowid
    from mytable a. mytable b
    where (a.id1 = b.id1 and a.id2=b.id2) or (a.id1 = b.id2 and a.id2 = b.id1)
    and a.rowid <> b.rowid
    and a.rowid < b.rowid);
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