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    Unanswered: SQL Select statement for column name that has two words

    I am using Visual C# to access a Pervasive v8.6 database via ODBC interface. I can't find the right syntax to Select a column whose name is two words. If the column name is only one word, I'm fine.

    Table is: Appointment
    One column name is: Appt Date
    One column name is: Length

    This C# code works when I put it in my data reader
    string queryString = "Select Length FROM Appointment";

    But if I do this,
    string queryString = "Select Appt Date FROM Appointment";
    I get a syntax errors. I've tried all kinds of combinations, just not the right one, including:

    string queryString = "Select" + "Appt Date" + "FROM Appointment";
    string queryString = "Select" ApptDate AS [Appt Date] FROM Appointment";
    string queryString = "Select" [Appt Date] = ApptDate FROM Appointment";

    I can't change the column names without crashing the program I am trying to access.

    If I go into the pervasive control center and enter this command, it works ok:
    SELECT "Appt Date" FROM "Appointment"

    thanks for your help!
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    You need to surround the field name with double quotes in C# too.
    For example:
    string queryString = "SELECT \"Appt Date\" FROM Appointment"
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    Thanks, your rock!

    I used the following string which works well. As you point out, the \ prior to the quote is an escape character that tells C# to use the " literally instead of a delimeter for a string. I added \r\n which gave me a new line.

    "SELECT \"Appt Date\", \"Appt Time\", \"Home Phone\"\r\nFROM Appointment"

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