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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to change default port of http GUI in XE?

    Hi all,
    I extracted this from OracleXE installation guide on win32: "8080: HTTP port for Oracle XML DB and the Oracle Database XE graphical user interface" .
    Is there any way that I could change this port#? There is no such an option during installation
    -Thanks all

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    If you look in ORACLE_HOME/doc/install.101/b10130/startrdb.htm "Reviewing Your Installed Starter Database Contents"

    Quote Originally Posted by Manual
    If you are unsure of the correct port number to use, look for the following line in the ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\install\portlist.ini file:

    Enterprise Manager Console HTTP Port (db_name) = port
    If you advance some chapters, you'll find
    ORACLE_HOME/doc/install.101/b10130/ports.htm "Oracle Database Default Port Numbers" which describes how you can change the ports

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks alot Shammat

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    Hi again,
    Unfortunately that method works only versions other than Express edition. there is no doc/install.101/b10130/startrdb.htm document at XE also I read doc from anothre where but the material (paths,...) can't be applied for XE. Any suggestion?
    -Your help is really appreciated.

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    This post was in an XE forum:

    Some versions of Windows XP have problems with the default listener port 8080. After a succesful XE installation, go to SQL*Plus, log in as SYSTEM and *password*, and then type in:

    exec dbms_xdb.sethttpport(8087);

    Close SQL*Plus. Go the the properties of the URL that loads Go To Database Homepage link, and change

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    Thanks, It worked for me.

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