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    Red face Functional dependencies,,,,,need assistance for this homework problem urgently.....

    Consider the relation R, which has attributes that hold schedules of courses and
    sections at a university: R= {CourseNo, SecNo, OfferingDept, Credit-Hours,
    CourseLevel, InstructorSSN, Semester, Year, Days_Hours, RoomNo, NoOfStudents}.
    Suppose that the following functional dependencies hold on R:
    {CourseNo} {OfferingDept, CreditHours, CourseLevel}
    {CourseNo, SecNo, Semester, Year} {Days_Hours, RoomNo, NoOfStudents,
    {RoomNo, Days_Hours, Semester, Year} {InstructorSSN, CourseNo, SecNo}
    a. Determine all the candidate keys for R. Show your steps.
    b. Is the relation R in BCNF? If not, show all the FDs that violate the BCNF, and
    explain why.
    c. If R is not in BCNF, use the proper algorithm to find a lossless-join decomposition
    of R (under the given FDs) into BCNF relational schemas. Show your decomposition
    using a decomposition tree; for each step, indicates the functional dependency used.
    Does your decomposition preserve dependencies? Motivate your answer.

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    What purpose would be served by having one of use do your homework for you? The idea of homework is (a) to give you practice, and (b) to give your teacher an insight into what you have learnt and what you have not. If we answer for you, neither of these aims it achieved, is it?

    Now if you were to post your attempts at an answer, maybe someone could give you a hint as to whether you are going about it the right way.

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    How do you "motivate" your answer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by urquel
    How do you "motivate" your answer?
    The promise of increased salary, or the threat of whips and chains?


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