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    Unanswered: PostgreSQL and XPath

    Following the steps described in I was able to store an xml-document as a text and successfully run xpath-queries to retrieve data. However, as soon as I add namespaces and references to these in my document I run into problems. The thing is that my xpath-query returns all rows in the table without any content, as opposed to a "simple" xml-document without namespaces which would return the rows which matches my query.

    Has anyone had any experience in this area and could nudge me in the right direction ?
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    Have you seen the other throwingbeans XML/pg installment?
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    Yes, but the other installment is really only valid for me in terms of installationprocedures. The actual function I'm trying to use in my java-application is as following:

    CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION xpath_string(text, text) RETURNS text AS 'libpgxml' LANGUAGE 'c' WITH (isStrict);

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