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    Unanswered: Msgbox appear but background trun blank

    Hope that someody can help me on this matter.
    I have this screen and whenever user click on submit button to
    do a trasaction, a pop up msgbox will come out and inform user that
    the transaction has been successful but the problem is that
    whenever the msgbox appear, the background would turn into white which means no screen.

    How do i make the msgbox appear and the background stay the same?

    the code would be in asp but the msgbox would be in vbscript
    Below is how i do it.
    Dim a

    <script language="vbscript">
    msgbox "Test"


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    i would think that the client side html code would have to be placed before the script. The browser should load all the html code up to the msgbox at which point execution is paused until ok is pressed.
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