Hi there. I'm designing an enterprise application that will take data extracts from 3 different dbs and compile them into one reporting solution.
One of the db solutions already has an rpt file ... the other two database solutions do not yet have any report templates built. The vendor has indicated that they can build templates in any format for us including:
csv, rpt, dif, xls, html, pdf, rec, rtf, ttx, txt, and doc.
I intend to build a script that will look for data dumps from the 3 databases... and extract the required data, consolidate and create a new database for the reporting application. The reporting application will be a web app built using .NET.
My question pertains to the format of the data dump from the databases. I figure that if I ask for the rpt format, using crystal version 11, I should be able to then get it into any other format that I need (most likely csv or txt)
whereas, if i get it in csv to start, it'll be difficult via script to create an rpt file.
Does anyone have any comments? I'm a newbie to CR...
if you have any experiences good or bad working with scripts that manipulate RPT files, i'd be interested in hearing from you. Or if you have any general comments on reporting applications, please feel free!