The short Questions:
1) How do I safely remove replication from a copy of an MS Access 2003
database? Safely as in without affecting any of the other replicated copies?
2) How can I find all the copies of this database still being replicated to
after the design master has been lost?

The long Questions:
Hello All, Im new to Access replication and have started at a company that
uses several Access databases with replication. We are creating a new site
using a similar database structure. Ive made a copy and would like to start
by removing replication both because it is not necessary in our environment.
Also Im about to make some database changes and am worried they changes or
record deletions will be propagated. As mentioned I do not believe there is
any reason to use replication for this project so I would like to remove it
for all databases, unfortunately several of the databases are very critical
so I want to be as informed as I can before making any changes since if I
break it and do not know enough to fix it my company would loose a lot of
money. Is there anyway from a given database (besides the replication master,
it has been long lost) to find all the databases that are replicated?

Lastly before undertaking this project is there any advice anyone here can
give me to better my chances of success? Any lessons learned?
-Brian Sky