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    Unanswered: Matching between OracleDB and AccessDB tables

    Hope someone can help me with this.

    I have a process that I need to automate (using vb6) where I compare todays oracletable1 with yesterdays oracletable1. I have oracletable1 from yesterday stored in an access db.

    I need to compare the two to see what changed overnight and there is an approximately $4000 loss for each one I dont catch.

    Anyone know how to do an unmatched query between these two?
    Unfortunately, I am stuck with these constraints:
    Todays info is in an Oracledb table,
    Yesterdays info is in an Accessdb table.

    I have three possibilities, and I'm struggling with each of them.

    1. Import todays info into the Accessdb, then compare. The only way I know to do this is create a table and use a loop over INSERT statements.
    This take about 4 hrs. Anyone know an easy way to import an Oracle table into Access, the whole table at once, programatically?

    2. Somehow Compare the table in Oracle with the table in Access for any non-matches and do this programatically?

    3. Do the process manually from now until the end of time as the sun becomes a cold smoldering pile of ash.

    Thanks for you time.

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    >I have three possibilities, and I'm struggling with each of them.

    In my view the best (and the fastest) solution would be import that Access (yesterday's) table back to Oracle and compare them.
    (Oracle's SQL Loader utility would allow you to "read it in" quite fast)

    One of the various links describing how to do it (comparing)


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