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    Smile Unanswered: Need help on subforms n checkboxes

    hey guys...

    need help here... i got a subform located somewhere at the bottom of my main form... heres wat happen... when that subform have more than 4 records... the records display out will overlap my main form fields when printed out as an application form.... the main form itself is a application form... so user will print that out... i duno y the previous programmer didnt use a report to do it but when i took over its like tat...

    2nd qns here....
    i put checkboxes in my subform n beside the filed totalincome... i want to calculate the total income of the totalincome fields depending on which checkboxes i checked on....

    any help will be greatly appreciated....


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    For the first item....Well, make it a report.

    For the second item...There really isn't enough information provided here. There are 1000 different ways to go about this. Provide a small sample db (with some non-essential data) pin-pointing exactly what you are trying to do and we'll see what we can do for you.

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    hmm... isnt any other way to solve the 1 qns besides making a report out?

    regarding the 2nd qns.... i'll briefly describe.... i have a subform... and in this subform i have records displaying out row by row... i want to add a checkbox beside each of these records.... the checkbox is there to allow me to choose which record i wan to use to calculate the total income.... so the prob here is tat how do i go abt doin it.... i mean how can i get the total income by checking on them... for example.... i got 4 records displayed out.... but i onli wan to calculate the toal income for record 1 and 3.... so i will check the checkboxes 1 and 3.... upon doin tat the totalincome field below will show out the total income of record 1 n 2 added together....
    by the way... the checkbox is placed beside the income field of each record...

    thanks in advance....

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