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    Unhappy Unanswered: out of shared memory, check system max shared memory segment size

    Hi guys,
    This is my first post on this please bear with me.....
    until recently everything was going fine with informix database...but suddenly when our cluster went down..we are facing a lot of problems....

    We have got a set up of 2 nodes which are in cluster out of which 1 has informix db on it ..and other applcn tuxedo.....

    Recntly..i.e. yesterday we got an error saying "out of shared memory, check system max shared memory segment size"

    what could be te reason,,
    the o.s is hp-ux 11i..and the informix db is..............Informix Dynamic Server Version 7.31.UC3..........and onstat -g seg is
    Segment Summary:
    id key addr size ovhd class blkused blkfree
    1031 1382107137 80000000 915365888 16444 R 111734 5
    (shared) 1382107137 b68f6000 102408192 2172 V 11081 1420
    8 1382107138 cdda5000 1654784 636 M 197 5
    9 1382107139 cdf39000 1654784 636 M 195 7
    10 1382107140 d104d000 102400000 2172 V 4937 7563
    523 1382107141 d7975000 102400000 2172 V 1963 10537
    Total: - - 1225883648 - - 130107 19537

    (* segment locked in memory)

    What could be te reason..?

    Thanks in advance......................

    With regards,

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    Good morning,

    You have too many "V" segments running because the onconfig setting for SHMVERTSIZE is too small for your shop and additional segments are being allocated based on the setting for SHMADD.

    You'll need to experiment with both these settings (and have to bounce the engine for them to take effect) but I'd suggest doubling or even tripling the size of SHMVERTSIZE and SHMADD.

    Good luck

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