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    Unanswered: Form does not record data in table but displays it.

    Hi there,

    I have created a form "A" for entering data in table "A" in my dbase. Somehow, when I use the form, the data of the field A1 is not recorded in the table but is displayed in the form. The value list for A1 comes from a field in table B.
    Does anybody know why it does this and how i can get the data to appear in the table datasheet and not just in form?

    Thanks very much


    ps: I use Windows XP (home ed.) and Access 2003

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    Hi Habs, and welcome to the forum
    Its difficult to know as there is insufficoent information
    I'm guessing that the control that is not updating is not "bound" (access speak for linked) to a column in your table

    open your form in design mode, select the column, look at the "Data" tab and see what is set for "Control Source". If its blank (and I'm expecting it to be) select the relvant column (field from the drop down list accessed by the down arrow to the right of the dialog)
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    Thanks Healdem,

    It was'nt exactly what was wrong but your message was very helpful. In fact the form was selecting the wrong column count. Anyway, thanks very much, everything is OK now.



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