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    Unanswered: SQL 2000 and 2005 same box?

    We are starting a new project and for production we are all set, we are getting a new server and decided to go with 2005 (the rest of our production machines are running 2000).

    Could someone let me know if we will have any problems installing 2005 on our Development and QA Servers that are currently hosting 2000 or would it be in our best interest to purchase separate servers to run 2005? If you could share your first hand experiences that would be great.


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    We run both on our development environment, but they will compete for resources so make sure your hardware is beefy enough to handle it.
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    Even we do, but it is better to install both the versions on different machines in the production, on a long run this will have advantage when there are serious performance issues with server resources.

    Check the HCL in site about SQL 2005 hardware requirement.
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