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    Unanswered: Breaking up 1 table that already have data and constrainst into 2 more smaller table

    Hi Guys,

    I have a bad situation here, I have a table with data in it, around 15000 records, and now we need to split some of the columns in this table to form
    its own table, and then load the required data into this new table, so what is the best way of performing this operation

    Let me explain this using an example

    I have a table called "rulename" which contains the following fields
    1) RuleNameid
    2) Area
    3) Pin

    Sample data in the rulename table looks something like below
    Rulenameid, area,pin,

    Now we plan to transfer all data in the area column in a separate table and make the the area column in the rulename table to be a foreign key.

    So for example, the new area table might look something like this

    Areaid, areaname, areafullname
    1, S, Shield

    So the rulename table will now look like this

    Rulenameid, areaid, pin,

    So how do perform this operation of data transfer and then updating the "rulename" table to have this existing column as a foreign key,
    Appreciate if someone could point out a good way of getting this done..
    thank you very much

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    You can use standard SQL statements to:

    1) CREATE new table.
    2) UPDATE missing columns.

    Or do you want us to do your job?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LKBrwn_DBA

    Or do you want us to do your job?
    ha ha , tht sounds great, let me try it out first..

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