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    Question Unanswered: Problems abt form printing and storing of data to tables


    i got 3 problems....

    the first one is when i print out my form, all the data is printed out except for 1 field in 1 of my subform. That field is call totalincome. The data that is displayed on tat totalincome textbox field is a result of the calculation of the total income of different records. This data displayed is not stored or retrieve from any tables. The funny thing is tat the data is displayed when i view the form in form view n print preview.... but once i print it... the data is not reflected on the printed paper. y is is so??? I tried linking the field which is a textbox to a control source and print it, funny thing is it worked.

    the 2nd problem is how can i store the value user keyed in in 1 textbox to 2 different fields in 2 different tables. Is it possible? is possible, how can i go abt doin it??

    the 3rd problem is is it possible to print a subform on a different page with the critera tat if the subform contains more than 4 records?? If possible, how can i do it? If the subform contains 4 records or below, the sunform will be printed on the same page as the main form.

    Any help will be greatly appreaciated....

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    Not clear on question one, but questions 2 and 3 can be accomplished using a bit of code.

    r u up with VBA?

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    ya... i do know vb... but not really gd with it.....

    how can i go abt writing the codes for these 2 questions???

    thanks in advance...

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