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    Database geniuses come hither

    Need some software ideas for this project, I'll just c&p the request:

    As part of this project, the successful bidder will be expected to input all data into an asbestos tracking database that can be turned over to the Board once complete. The successful bidder will be expected to submit a proposal of recommended software and to work with the Board to select the software. The software should be user-friendly, one that can be manipulated as asbestos inventories change, and preferably one that can be transferred to the internet or Board intranet for viewing by schools, and can have various users on the software with varying levels of access. Once the software is selected, the successful bidder will perform the data input.

    The original db will handle somewhere between 1-5k data inputs for asbestos, but the system may require expansion to accommodate other parameters as well. The parts which may be dealbreakers are the transfer of the database from our company to the schoolboard's intranet (internet will likely be too expensive given the database size) and the incorporation of a hierarchial user interface. 99% of the people at the school board will only be given read-only access to the db, while only 1-2 people can actually manipulate and edit data.

    I'm not looking for something extravagant but something that will be relatively user-friendly and simple to use (most of the people using it will probably have never used database software before).

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    If you don't understand the legal requirements for asbestos abatements, I'd avoid this project entirely. This is a slippery slope, and one that I'd suggest you leave to someone that has done this before. You can literally get roped into working under a court order if you aren't careful.


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