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    Unanswered: Page Numbers Multiple Report

    Hello! I'm hoping you can help me with my problem. I have 3 reports I will be running that are different, but I need continuous page numbers. For example, Report one will have pages 1 through x, report two will have pages x+1 through y, report three will have y+1 through z, etc

    How would I code this?

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    Use a couple public variables.

    In report 1, have a function at the end of each page that sets the public variable to the page number: x = [Page], display "Page " & [Page]

    In report 2, have a function that does the same thing, and have it display the sum of the 2: y = [Page], display "Page " & (fnX() + [Page])

    In report 3, do the same thing: z = [Page], display "Page " & (fnX()+fnY()+[Page])

    You will not get the total number of pages until the last page of the third report formats, however, so you won't get "Page X of Y" this way. the only way to get that it to open all 3 reports hidden so you know what x + y +z is (the total number of pages) and then close them and reopen to properly format the page number text box.

    good luck,

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