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    Unanswered: Retreive data from a subform

    Having a problem retreiving data from a subform. I know that from form "DataEntry" and field "ID", it's forms.[DataEntry].[ID]

    I need to get the data from a subform - say subform Name, field FirstName. Access says to use "Forms![Orders]![Orders Subform].Form" But I've tried a few different ways, and cannot get the data from subform[Name].[FirstName] on form [DataEntry]

    Thanks in advance!

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    where is the code running - ?? in the mother form ?

    then have a go with:
    Me.NameOfTheSubformControlWhichMayNotBeTheSourceOb ject.Form.NameOfControlOnTheSubform


    ....and the <space> after 50 chars is site-induced and was not there in my original

    LATER: this shows how to talk to forms/subforms from x
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    currently using SS 2008R2

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