I have an Access database that downloads data and then runs queries and calculations to spit out a report. I have set up a report in which I have 2 grouping occuring. The first is by area and the second is by model. I have setup group footers for these also. The issue I am coming across is that I have grouped everything by area (which is the main format we use to report) however a couple areas (not all) break their reporting up by model also. This is why I created the double grouping. The current way the footer is working is that it shows up for ALL of the areas. I have setup a field in a table that has names where I want to the footer and blank where I don't.

Is there a way i can setup a "Conditional Visibility" for this? If so how and where would I put it. I tried putting the following code in my report Open condition and also tried it in my GroupFooter1 Format condition.
Me.GroupFooter1.Visible = False
Me.GroupFooter1.Visible = True
End If