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    Unanswered: INFORMIX 4GL - How to get ON KEY values

    Let me explain the background of my problem before I post any question:

    I have a few programs as below:

    Program id: onkey.4gh
    on key (F8) let g_onkey = 8

    Program id: hotkeys.h
    #define F8_KEY 8 /* F8 Key */

    Program id: Prog.4gl
    #include hotkeys.h

    Function input_scr
    display form

    input array arr1 without defaults from sa_arr1

    #include "onkey.4gh"
    when (g_hotkey = F8_KEY)

    call generate_rpt()

    End Function

    1. How to pass in the F8 key values from the unix script written in korn shell to the Prog.4gl program?
    2. How to pass in the array values arr1 (with 2 fields - ac and ac_name)

    The possible input array to be pass in are as below:
    2.1 Input array for 2 fields
    account1 account name 1
    account2 account name 2
    account3 account name 3
    and so on
    2.2 Blank - do not pass in anything

    My unix script (korn shell) will be something as below:

    Assuming the sequence of my program input will be as below:
    1. enter array value - account1, account name 1
    2. press F8 ctrl-key to generate the report

    ksh -c "echo <array input value><F8 ctrl-key> |/proj/prog.exe " << ^M

    What is the value of
    1. How to pass in a set of <array input value> from the scripts?
    2. what to pass in for <F8 ctrl-key>, so that the 4gl program can recognize it?
    3. What if the 4GL program allow the input array to be blank, and user can just enter nothing and press F8-to process all records?

    I will be glad if anyone can help me on this issue.
    Thanks in advacne.

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    Look for family of functions fgl_keyval(), fgl_getkey(), etc.


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    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    What about the following issues, can anyone provide any clue:
    1. How to pass in a set of <array input value> from the scripts to an informix 4GL program?

    2. What if the in the 4GL program, the input array are optional, user can enter value in the array or just leave the entry empty and press F8 to proceed with the process. In this case, how to pass in an empty array values from a script to an 4GL program? I am facing this problem and need resolution urgently, please.

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