Please forgive me, when I missed something but i only found threads about writing and converting a Date, not determine the Database Date Format...

What I'm trying to do:
I'm writing a "Form Generator" in ASP which reads the Table Structure of a MSAccess Database Table and which automaticly creates Form Pages for entering / changing the Data. Dependent from the Field-Type you can choose from some options (i.e. Combo-Box, Radio-Buttons, Memo and lots more)

This works fine with all field types but I can't find out, how to determine the Date Format from the Table.

I only get the data type 135. I don't know the if the field wants to have a short or a long date or only a time or whatever...

I already tried to find the information with adSchemaTables and tried to understand the MSys tables (what i don't). I don't want to use the "Try and Error" method.

It is essential to my concept that the Users don't have to change anything in the database.

I bet it is extremly easy but I didn't get it.