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    Exclamation Unanswered: Transactional Replication error

    I am running sql 2000 sp3.
    A pull subscription failed with the following.

    errormsg: Cannot drop the table 'table_name' because it is being used for replication.

    errordetail: Cannot drop the table 'table_name' because it is being used for replication.
    (Source: SQLTEST2 (Data source); Error number: 3724)

    This error started after a field was dropped and a new field added to one of the articles in the publication - changes were done through Enterprise Manager.

    Why does this error come up. The Default Table Article Properties dialog box>>>Snapshot tab has the option "If a table with the same name as the destination table exists at the Subscriber>>>DROP the existing table and recreate it.

    So if this is an option in replication for a Subscriber how come the error message says it cannot drop the table.

    Any insight appreciated.

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    Is that a read-only pull subscription (one-way)?
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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    I found my problem.

    Lets say you have server A that is replicating to server B (pull/transactional). When I changed the field data type on Server A the error message was saying it couldn't do that because the table was part of replication and I thought it was referring to Server B, but it wasn't referring server B at all it was referring to a server C, one I was unaware of. So server B was replicating the same database that it got from server A to Server C (pull/snapshot) i.e Server A>>>Server B>>>Server C.

    So I had to delete the subscription on Server C before it would let me make the change on Server A. Once that took place I was able to make the mod to the table (Server A database) w/o any problems.

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