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    Unanswered: button to Apply a Filter to a Query

    I'm trying to create a simple macro in Access to apply a filter to a query. I want a person to be able to click a button within a FORM which will run this query with a specific criteria which will not stay once she is done running the query and copy/paste the data into excel.

    Actually, it's an underlying query that needs the filter applied, the actual query she will copy/paste is another one that is using the first query as the source data.

    Not sure the best way to achieve this. Pleae help...
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    Why not just use the existing query as a sub-query for your filter? In other words, in Access's query designer, bring up the existing query as the object to query, and build your filter right into the QBE grid. In your macro, just run the upper query.

    Hope this helps,


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