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    Unanswered: share txt file as database

    assuming i have a txt file into a dir server here is the global dim:


    Is possible with a vba macro ,to make a vlooup into text file (like database) and sheet with the index in column A and retrive the result of match into column B

    In effect from each value into column A of sheet matching record into text file and return the result into column B of sheet...

    Note: into txt the first line is the header of record.

    ziped file:

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    Possible, I guess so. Being a text file it won't be efficient, I think. As in, because it is a text file, you couldn't use database type matching functions, only text matching that would require looping through every record.

    Instead it might be better to open the text file and (temporarily) store the data in Excel whilst you do the lookups - either VLOOKUP, or INDEX/MATCH or via SQL or whatever.


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