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    Unanswered: Microsoft Outlook Web Access

    My question concerns remote access from another computer to your web based Microsoft Outlook Web Access at work.

    I think someone is remoting into my computer at work and reading my email. Is this possible? Is there anyway to find out WHO is doing this?

    I've called Microsoft and they tell me the only way they can do that is with my password. My emails show up read that I have not read.

    Can someone tell me where to look on my computer and see if I can figure out who is spying on me or reading my email? Or do I need to change the password to something really complicated?

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    you are possibly in the wrong forum!

    this is "Access" as in MS-Access the database
    not "access" as in accessing outlook mail from elsewhere

    en passent: if someone is snooping your mail, i am surprised they are doing it badly enough to leave your mail marked "read" when you have not read it. in general, all passwords should be "strong" passwords, otherwise don't bother with a password

    currently using SS 2008R2

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