I am trying to retreive data from crystal report XI developer edition from IBM Universe. I can connect to my database through ODBC, I can access tables and see fields in them. Once I try to get data (through preview) it comes up with following error.

"Failed to retrieve data from the database".

Details : HY000:[IBM][UODBC][1401030] ERROR ID:46 Severity:Error Facility DBCAPERR - UCI Error. FuncQL Prepare(DML);State S1000; uniVerse Code: 950088; Msg;[IBM][SQL Client][UNIVERSE]Universe/SQL:syntax error.Unexpected filename. Token was "CALLS". Scanned command was From "CALLS" "CALLS". [Database Vendor Code: 950088].

Note: I can access the data from Excel spreadsheet easily.

I hope somebody will be able to help me.