Hi all!

I'm facing a really big problem.
I've to create sort of output queue, which means you 'print' reports into a database and can then print / export them at a later time at any place and time; without knowing the original datasource, ...

My problem is that I've to put a Crystal Report (and all related information) into the database and be able to recall it again. For saving the report including data I'm using the 'SaveAs(string, bool)' command to create a seperate file. This file then gets read into a stream and converted to a string which is saved in the database.
So far so good.

But if I'm trying to reload this report document from the database (create a rpt-file of the saved string) I'm not able anymore to load / create the report.

Any suggestions???
I'm using VS 2005 (C#) and the related version of Crystal Reports (for VS 2005).