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    Unanswered: shared memory issue


    I am a Jr. level DBA and I am just into learning DB Administration.

    Since two consecutive days I am getting this error :

    ORA-04031: unable to allocate 4224 bytes of shared memory ("shared pool","USER_ACCESS_LOG","sga heap(1,0)","library cache")

    When I had restarted the database, went on well. I am working in Oracle 9i.

    I will be grateful if any experts can give me a permanent solution to get rid of this.

    expecting solution soon.


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    As your post is much more technical than it is "Hello, World" in nature, I'm going to move it to the Oracle forum. I suspect that you'll get much more technical replies there than you will in the "New Users and Introductions" forum.

    Anyway, welcome to DBForums!


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    See if this thread on asktom helps.

    The documentation for ORA-04031 simply says you have run out, so get more or use less. However Tom Kyte suggests some changes to the application and the way the developers use Oracle.
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