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Thread: db3 to Access

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    Unanswered: db3 to Access

    I have a co worker that has a program written many years ago
    in db3. She wants me to switch it over to Access or something
    else. I have very limited experience in db3 - I work exclusively
    with sql and access. The files have .dbf, .prg and .frm extensions.

    Any help on how to convert is deeply appreciated.


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    Are you looking to convert forms and reports, or just get the data?

    For the data, I've found that most DB programs, even the really old ones, provide some sort of delimited output, or even a spreadsheet (which is ideal). For example, many older DB's export to Lotus. From there, you import to Excel, fix it up and then copy and paste into Access.

    I can't offer help for converting db3 objects to Access - sorry.

    good luck,

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