First time visitor and poster. Hugs all around for everyone

I am John, 58 yr old male, that doesn't type, but can swing a hammer and build a house. I own an local auto club web site, and am webmaster for my son's karate school, and one of my counties political party website.

I had to get rid of the fellow that started my auto club web site and try to straighten out the mess that he left. Clueless, I had to start digging it out, taking hours to do a few minutes work. There is so much to learn and so little time.

I took an intoductory to the web class, a couple years ago and the first night the instructor started with notepad. That was great, learning the basics, came back the next night and he dove right into Dreamweaver, after 30 minutes I was hopelessly lost.

So here I am trying to learn something. Bring it on, geterdone.