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    Unanswered: Help with failing job

    I have an excutable on the c drive and I have created a job to run that excutable

    In the Job
    C:\Folder\job.exe BA

    The job was running until we had a power outage. Now I can get it to run with a scheduled job, the only way I can get it to run is typing it on the command line. I have tried droping and recreating this job but nothing works.

    The error is: The stip did not generate any out put.

    Do I need to troubleshoot the excutable which is a whole other beast.

    Any help would be great.


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    So when you run the program by typing the command at a command prompt, it generates the correct output? I'd be very surprised if that is the case, but I supppose it could happen.

    Where did you find this error message? Was it in the job history, the event log, an application log, or somewhere else?


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    It was in the JobHistory.

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    can you try running that step using xp_cmdshell.
    In the Job step change the type to "Transact Sql script" and use
    xp_cmdshell 'C:\Folder\job.exe BA'


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    I bet it is a permissions issue for the service which did not arise until the system was rebooted following the outage.

    What is the SQL Server Agent using as a login?
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