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    Unanswered: Like Statement?

    I am having a problem. I have a column that holds Purchase Order Numbers. The first problem is that I am not the administrator of this database so the PO#'s are in any one of a million variations: PO, P.O., PO#, P.O, etc. The second problem is that other text is entered in this field (dumb, I know but I'm not the administrator) like "POTS, POLYETHELENE, POLYESTER", etc.

    I may be trying to stretch the capabilities of Access but can anyone suggest a statement that could find, in the Left 6 characters, only the characters P, O, ., #, NO or <space>? I've tried several statements using Like but I can only search on a single character? That's ok because it returns all of the PO's but also returns the text such as "POLYESTER", etc.

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    I can't see how to do it with Like, but if you can program in VBA, you can test each character of the string using the Mid() function inside a For...Next loop.

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