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Responsibilities include:

-Research and explore other database systems or alternatives (mysql cluster/partitioned tables, postgres, oracle, etc.)
-Database Administration (Backups, monitoring, upgrades, and schema
-Schema and DB Server design (file system type, star schema....)
-Quickly diagnosis server problems, and employ preventive measures to maintain high availability
-Continually create/test/implement performance and scalability improvements for queries,schemas and server configurations.
-Perform all duties listed above in high-volume multiple server environment

Job Requirements:

- Proficient in SQL (including MySQL-specific use)
- Experience in DB backup, recovery, schema design and optimization techniques.
- Experience with high volume MySQL database administration
- Troubleshooting and problem resolution skills with MySQL
Ability to work independently, as well as collaboratively with other staff members, to complete short and long term projects.
- Strong communication skills for interaction with other teams and departments


- Experience with MySQL replication (multi-master, master-slave)
- Experience specifically with Linux/MySQL administration (network, file system, memory and performance)
Knowledge and experience in developing web based applications
-Post/Oracle experience -Perl fluency.

Please email resumes to or call 702-851-9535