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    Unanswered: "Read-only" error

    I created an application framework (big mistake) using PX 8 on a Win98 machine. Recently I upgraded to a Win XP machine and PX11. Using the same tables, I created new data models, forms, reports, etc. My master table has four look-up tables associated with it.

    In one of my forms, I get a “This table is read-only” error message when I try to edit a record or enter a new record. However, I have no problem going directly to the table itself and editing and entering data. I can then sometimes go back to the form and edit and enter data normally, but eventually the “This table is read-only” error re-appears.

    At first I thought this might be a network issue – the tables and forms are on our server, a full version of PX11 is on my workstation, and runtime versions of PX11 are on several other workstations. However, the error occurs when I am the only one using Paradox. Also, when I copy all the files to my stand-alone machine at home, the same eror occurs.

    I’m not a professional developer and I’m an unsophisticated Paradox user. I’ve asked our IT consultant (who has not worked with Paradox before) to look into the problem, but he hasn’t come up with a solution yet. Any ideas?


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    Sounds like you need to do some code tweaking.

    Sounds like the form may need to be recreated. A read only model may be associated with it. There is the off chance that the locks are not releasing properly as well. This can happen especially when you have detail tables and are moving back and fourth between them (in the form) without committing an explicit save or update.

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