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    Unanswered: Analysis Services Question

    Hi all.

    I'm a new user to Analysis Services and am really stuck.

    I have Cube on a local copy of SQL Server - Analysis Services (Personal Edition). I have the same Cube in a production server (Enterprise Edition).
    When the cube gets rebuilt it takes about 45 minutes on my local machine and about 23 hours on the production machine. They are running with the same amount of rows in the data (13 million).

    One thing I noticed is that the data is written to 9 segments of the partition on my local. And when running the process in production, it reads and writes the records alot slower, and I do not
    notice any segments being written.

    Is there any special setting with storage when building a Cube. I used mostly default setting on the local. I'm not sure about in Production and not sure how to check.

    If anyone has any ideas on where to look or any ideas as to what could be causing this - it would be greatly appreciated.


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