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Thread: {d} and updates

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    Unanswered: {d} and updates

    I'm rather new to the whole database scene, and somehow I've been put of a VERY strange database issue. I apologize if any of these are dumb questions.

    Does the expression {d} mean anything to anyone here? I have an application that generates and executes sql commands of the form:
    "UPDATE sometable SET somecolumn = 'somestring' WHERE id = somenumber".

    Whenever somestring contains a letter d as the first character in a string enclosed by curly braces, I get an oracle error with code: "E_FAIL(0x80004005)". No error message is available.

    This error occurs in two seperate programs connecting to the same database, so I doubt it's a problem with the code.

    Has anyone encountered this error code before? Or maybe knows something about why the string: {d} is hated by oracle?

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    Well, my Oracle 10g doesn't hate it.
    SQL> update dept set dname = '{d}whatever' where deptno = 10;
    1 row updated.
    SQL> select * from dept where deptno = 10;
        DEPTNO DNAME          LOC
    ---------- -------------- -------------
            10 {d}whatever    NEW YORK
    What is your database? Do those programs, maybe, call the same procedure/function which might cause the probleM?

    Metalink has something about "E_FAIL"; it says that bug #1623117 (Rowset::GetData call for 100 records after retrieving 1 record returns
    E_FAIL for forward only read only recordset) was fixed in Oracle

    Really, what is your Oracle database? Is it lower than
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    >"E_FAIL(0x80004005)". No error message is available.
    This is NOT an Oracle error code!
    A quick Google search indicates it is .NET error
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