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    Unanswered: Add filter in the shortcut


    In the my database program, I write the code to create the shortcut, and then send the shortcut (attached) through the Outlook to the people.

    I know how to create the shortcut. But, I want to add the form and filter in the shortcut.

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\Msaccess.exe" "C:\db1.mdb" /WRKGRP "C:\Secured1.mdw" /form "app" /filter "[Date] /filteron True

    Once the user click the shortcut in the outlook, then the database will goto the specific form and specific record.

    Can I do it in the shortcut?

    Please let me know, thanks a lot.

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    I don't know if access can do that, have you tried it, and waht happenened
    what does the MSDN site say about command line switches for Access?

    I would have thought that the smarter solution would be to deploy a specialiased access version which automatically opens at the required form, using an autoexec macro or on load event. you could also apply the relevant filter as part of the forms on load event.

    as a fallback you could give your users a manual workaround (ie instructions). If its deployed within a company it never ceases to amaze me how responsible employees are at work, yet at home they seem to be a liability using computers.
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