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    Unanswered: Get #Deleted - runtime error 3329 in hidden form when opened

    I have a form "Customers" that I open hidden when my database loads. I am doing this because the formhas subforms with data from different tables,and loads slow otherwise.

    as I cycle through records, these subforms refresh - I have queries bound to the subforms to match the data to the [CustomerNo] field.

    All works well, except when I delete records in the Customers table. Then = when I show the form, and scroll through records, I get a message saying record deleted by another user and there is text that says #deleted in all the textboxes...

    how can I prevent this? I really like how fast theform appears when preloading as I am. If I requerythe form on activate, it alwas goes to the first record???

    Any ideas are appreciated.

    Thanks AB

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    The problem is that the hidden form is bound to the recordset that you are deleting from.

    It's the same thing that happens when two different people are in the same record at the same time.

    You can supress the message, but the #Deleted message will still appear in the text boxes becasue the fact of the matter is, the hidden form has a pointer to a record that now does not exist.

    You can refresh the hidden form following the delete (with the warning messages suppressed), but that will probably introduce a delay if it the form's recordsource that is making it slow.


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