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    Unanswered: rsh sh: command: not found.

    Hi guys,

    I am trying to consolidate all my software installed in all my hpux server.
    I decided to use one of my linux boxes to rsh query the command as below:

    rsh hostname swlist

    but there is a return error of sh: swlist: not found.

    the .rhost is set correctly as i am able to "rsh hostname bdf"

    Anyone kindly help?

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    Maybe in the environment that rsh is using on the other box, the location of swlist is not in the path.
    try rsh hostname which swlist.
    See if it says something like "no swlist in path"

    also, where is swlist in hpux in /usr/sbin ?
    If so try :
    rsh hostname /usr/sbin/swlist

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    Hi Floyd ,

    its working. Thanks alot.

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