I'm trying to use the Pivot select query
select department,
[Email import] as "Email Import",
[CAAB Import] as "CAAB Import" ,
[Admin] as "Admin",
[spreadsheet import] as "Spreadsheet import"
(SELECT department, exportedby
FROM vots.dbo.tblimports
where action <> 'ORG'
len(department) <= '6'
) p

COUNT (ExportedBy)
FOR Exportedby in
([Email import], [CAAB import], admin, [spreadsheet import])
) pvt
order by department

As they are more exportedBy categories such as TSA import, Web import, is there any syntax to group particular columns into one main column where else separating the rest ?

Department CAAB import Admin Spreadsheet *the Rest
DEE 2 2 0 1
VICDV 1 3 1 1
AERO 1 1 0 5

i'm trying to group a few columns and have main column for the rest