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    Question Unanswered: Grouping By Date Period

    I'm using SQL Server 2000.

    Example table:
    PeopleID  Date        Status
    1         2004-01-01  True
    1         2005-01-01  True
    1         2006-01-01  True
    2         2004-01-01  True
    2         2005-01-01  False
    2         2006-01-01  True
    I'm trying to find a way to query whether or not someone has had a specific status for 3 years in a row. As you can see from the table above, PeopleID 1 has had a "Status" of "True" for 3 years in a row, whereas PeopleID 2 hasn't--there was one year where they had "False".

    I'm wondering I can query this, or if I'm going to have to scan the records manually.

    I suppose I could write a stored procedure and do some looping too.

    Appreciate any help, thanks!
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    If each person only has one entry per year something like this may work...

    SELECT PeopleID
    FROM myTable
    WHERE Date > DateAdd(yyyy, -3 getdate())
      AND Status = 'True'
    GROUP BY PeopleID
    HAVING Count(PeopleID) = 3
    SELECT * FROM Users WHERE Clue>0
    0 rows returned

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    This should work if N always = 3:
    select	YT1.PeopleID
    from	[YourTable] YT1
    	inner join [YourTable] YT2
    		on YT1.PeopleID = YT2.PeopleID
    		and YT1.Status = YT2.Status
    		and year(YT1.Date) = year(YT2.Date) - 1
    	inner join [YourTable] YT3
    		on YT2.PeopleID = YT3.PeopleID
    		and YT2.Status = YT3.Status
    		and year(YT2.Date) = year(YT3.Date) - 1
    where	YT1.Status = 'True'
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